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Lais & Milo Bibbo – Owners/Operator

Milo has been working in the boat detailing business since 1999, working all over the USA with boat shows, on the East Coast from South Florida to Rhode Island, and West Coast from Washington to California. After many years on the boat show circuit, it was time to settle down. Milo has worked for a big power boat manufacturer for the last 5 years in the South Florida area and together with his wife Lais, they have enjoyed the same journey for their boat detailing business. Together they make the perfect team. The vast boating experience Milo has gained over the years coupled with our desire for making happy clients, makes our services unique. Let us get provide your boat with a meticulous and unmatched detailing service, both interior and exterior and we guarantee you too will become a long-standing client of ours.

Continuous Training and Industry Certifications

There are a lot of Port St Lucie detailers to pick from.  We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the advancements in surface science and preparation.  Not only does it ensure our equipment and products perform, but it aids us in providing our customers with a sure-fire first-time quality job. We are researching and constantly investing in our training so that we can expand into new protection options and techniques that provide maximum surface protection for your vehicle assets.



I. My Commitment to Professionalism:

A. To prominently display the IDA Code of Ethics, adhere to all IDA logo and branding policies, and operate with the highest professional standards while providing quality products and services; B. To maintain professional, trustworthy, and well-trained personnel; and, C. To stay abreast of new techniques and products through research, education, and networking within the professional detailing community.

II. My Commitment to the Customer:

A. To make clear recommendations for service or product options to properly recondition a vehicle to any customer’s specifications; B. To treat all customers fairly, and professionally, and exceed their expectations; and, C. To exercise all reasonable care of a customer’s property and equipment.

III. My Commitment to Compliance:

A. To adhere to all regulations governing the operation of a detailing or supplier business; B. To meet and exceed all applicable regulations that ensure the safety of personnel; and, C. To obtain all necessary and appropriate insurance coverage.

IV. My Commitment to the Industry:

A. To contribute to the elevation of professional standards and ethical practices within the detailing industry; B. To actively support, contribute to, participate with, and uphold the policies and standards of the International Detailing Association; and, C. To treat all members within the detailing community with fairness and dignity.

V. My Commitment to the Environment:

A. To continually strive to reduce waste as well as the consumption of natural resources; B. To minimize the use of hazardous and dangerous chemicals whenever possible; and, C. To adhere to the tenets of the Clean Water Act or comparable conservation act by preventing non-compliant discharge of wastewater and contaminants.

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